Sophia Elizabeth vom Stanley   
OFA Good

Tank von William'Haus
OFA Excellent

Ivory's Shank
OFA Excellent
KjS'06, FCI Ch, Int Ch
Dandy Vom Hause Neubrand
OFA Good, OFA Elbows Normal
Cardiac Normal
V-1 Wendy Vom Schwarzen
OFA Good

Nike vom Blaurasen
Kayara Flash vom Blaurasen
OFA fair, Heart Cert
Romona von Herschaft
OFA Good, Heart Cert

Baltasar's Alex von William'Haus
OFA Good

Encinas"Wrath vom Streitwien
Hips/Elbow Good/Clear
Multi-V1, UCI Int Ch
Rathko Crni Lotos
OFA Good
mult -V
Lussy Crni Lotos
OFA Excellent, CGC
Beaverden's Yager vom Beavercreek
OFA Good
Odonis Amadeus von Beaverden
Shegra von Beaverden
Sophie Puppies born Jan 6, 2015
As German Rottweiler Breeders we had Sophia's hips Certified through OFA to ensure good health and Healthy German
Rottweiler puppies.  Von Sederhaus Rottweiler Kennels will be breeding Sophia this year and she will have German
Rottweiler puppies for sale with our Rottweiler puppy guarantee and these Rottweiler pups will come with full akc
registeration.  Sophia comes from the best bloodlines from Germany and all of Europe, you can visit these dogs on our
Foundation dogs page.  Thank you for your interest in Sophia and all of our German Rottweilers, we hope you will join us at
our next Schutzhund trial or German Rottweiler show
Sophie Puppies born Jan 12, 2016
Sophie Puppies born Jan 10, 2017