YuJCh, IntCh
Hera Od "Dragicevica"
V-3 2000 KS
IPO I, Hd/Ed free, 3 Cac
7 Cacib
Klub Seiger show.  Hera was breed to ES'01, IntCH, HCh, YuCh, EurCh Morro vom Hause Marker Sch I, BH, AD, ZtP,
Hd-, 6 Cac, 3 Cacib to produce the famous "Dragicevica" 'B" litter. Von Sederhaus Rottweiler Kennels is using this litter
as part of our foundation for our breed program.
 As German Rottweiler breeders we are proud to have Hera,
Morro and their bloodlines as part of the von Sederhaus breed program.