Bubba's Scrap Book
four times and also went High in trial four times.  He also won the 2006 Protection Tournament at the USRC National Sieger show.  Bubba was
the best competition dog in the history of von Sederhaus Rottweiler kennels.  As German Rottweiler Breeders we had Bubba's hips Certified
through OFA to ensure good health and Healthy Rottweiler puppies.  Bubba received a OFA grad of good.  As German Rottweiler kennels we
were proud to have had Bubba as one of our main foundation building stud dogs.  As a Rottweiler stud Bubba produced Excellent German
Rottweiler puppies.  You can visit many of them on his progeny page.  He has passed his stong traits to his son V-2 Neeko von Sederhaus
Sch III, BH, AD, IPO III, CGC, OFA Good which is our top stud now. Neeko also won Top Stud dog at the 2011 AIRK Nation Sieger show.  
Thank you for your interest in Bubba and all of our Rottweilers.  We hope you will join us at our next Schutzhund trial or Our German Rottweiler
Sieger show.